Regulatory Compliance

Whether dealing with an environmental or health care violation, or with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the details make all the difference. Analyzing federal and state regulations and statutes is something Myers Namie has experience with at a detailed and high level. Often times companies or individuals may be charged with criminal activity, but in reality the incident was caused by negligence, mistake or accident. Myers Namie has worked on some of the largest environmental cases in the Western District of Louisiana. He not only knows the regulations at play, but has experience dealing with the agencies that are charged with enforcing them. Myers Namie has experience working with the IRS on violations of tax law, and with insurance companies and regulators on health care fraud cases. This experience translates to the best results. If you or your company are facing violations before any regulatory agency, hearing officer, board or court, contact Myers Namie for a free consultation. Understanding your rights in this specialized area, and getting quality experience on your side, are the first steps in protecting your reputation and liberty.

Subpoena Compliance

If you or your company has been served with a subpoena to produce documents, you may be wondering where to start. You may find the requesting language contains unfamiliar terms or is too demanding on you, your company and employees. Hiring an attorney to assist with subpoena compliance may save your company time and money, and puts a trained professional between you and the government. Myers Namie has the expertise to analyze government subpoenas and other legal process, coordinate with the requesting officials, and can work with your employees to organize and produce exactly what is required. Myers Namie also has the experience and training to verify the legality of any subpoenas issued to you or your company for the production of documents or for testimony, and to ensure the demands are legitimate and not overbroad. You and your company need someone to protect your interest during the compliance process and investigation. Subpoena compliance can be a serious matter, and you and your company can trust the experience, knowledge and skills Myers Namie brings to the table.

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