The fees you pay to retain Myers Namie will be fair and reasonable and are based on the industry market value. What this means is that you will pay what other federal criminal defense attorneys charge with the same level of litigation experience and caliber of work. The fees represent a cost proportional to the quality of work and amount of time and effort that will go into your case. Myers Namie will handle your case as he does any other case, with maximum effort and ability, and with the type of passion put forth in handling his own affairs.

During the free consultation you will be asked a series of questions regarding your case. This information will be used to calculate the amount of time necessary to achieve the desired result. The initial amount of time estimate may change depending on the path of the litigation, but we will always be open and honest about the cost of litigation. The hourly rate assigned to your case depends on the complexity of the litigation or task at hand. As mentioned, these rates are competitive within the industry. The hourly rate used for the type of case is multiplied by the amount of estimated time initially required, which results in an initial retainer fee to be paid prior to work being done on your case.

The initial retainer fee commits Myers Namie to your case with the amount of time, attention and effort required for a successful outcome. Your case will not be accepted if it cannot be managed timely and appropriately with maximum effort. Some cases will have to be turned down to ensure it gets the time and effort it deserves, so it is important to schedule an appointment to meet with us as soon as possible.

Representation does not occur at the initial free consultation. Representation begins when a retainer fee is quoted and paid, and a contract is entered into by all parties. Sometimes family members, employers or friends will pay for legal representation, which is acceptable. However, Myers Namie will only represent the actual client, or the person being accused of a crime or wrongdoing, and that person will need to make the decisions in his or her case after considering all advice.

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