Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a crime, you need quality experience on your side. You need someone who knows the criminal justice system, someone who has been successful in trials by jury as well as someone who has successfully negotiated hundreds of cases. As a former Federal Prosecuter, Myers Namie knows the law and the exceptions and defenses recognized by state and federal courts. He has accumulated this knowledge and experience in his over 12 years of practice. In-depth training and practical experience is vital to the success of your case, and Myers Namie has it. You need to act early, and with aggression to protect your rights and liberty.

Myers Namie specializes in federal criminal defense and is currently accepting select state matters. He is licensed in Louisiana and Texas, and knows how to successfully navigate the criminal justice systems. Myers Namie’s experience translates to a high caliber of representation, plain and simple. He has prosecuted complex cases with numerous defendants in complicated areas of law and fact. He has worked with public officials during these cases, and knows what to expect, how to prepare and how to get the best results. Myers Namie has successfully litigated cases in areas of white-collar crime, corruption, envrionmental, narcotics trafficking, computer crimes, immigration, firearms, tax, bank fraud, and other areas.

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